We at "ATN SURGICAL COMPANY" are Manufacturer and Exporters of Surgical and dental Instruments. We are are situated in Industrial area of Export city of Pakistan. Sialkot is known for Surgical Instruments and sports goods through out the world. This is our second generation family business as it was started by Mr. Talib Hussain in 1980,s as Manufacturer and then he started exporting these instruments to other countries in 1995. Our long manufacturing history is the key of our success in this field.  


ATN SURGICAL COMPANY is committed to provide quality products to our customers at lowest possible rates and serve them better than in past. We likes to set targets and always tries to cross them.  


Our product line include a number of items both in Surgical and Dental Instruments. Mainly we are manufacturers of Laryngoscopes and Dental Syringes, however we have separated the items in different categories. 

Surgical Instruments   Dental Instruments     Beauty Products

MoreBeing a real manufacturer, We are always ready to produce new products according to modern techniques. So, we encourage you to forward us your master samples or drawings enabling us to give you delivery according to your requirements. 

Featured Products

We always tries to produce some thing new. Our new products and discounted items are included in this segment. Currently, We have been producing Control and Cornwell sets of syringes. find details about them in our featured products segment. 

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Cornwell Set Syringe

Control set Syringe

Paroject Syringe